Prosthetic Solutions for Productive Rehabilitation through 3D Printing Technologies

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WHO we are?

  • Are affordable prosthetics needed in India?  Definitely YES
    • Over a million people (amputee or veterans, disabled) need prosthesis in India.
    • Good quality imported ones are not affordable (Cost > Rs. 45000; except Jaipur foot).
  • Can we ‘MAKE IN INDIA’? We believe so.
    • We at PSPR 3D Tech believe, we surely can. IKP and TBI (BITS Pilani) are supporting  us.
  • How can PSPR 3D Tech make prosthetics affordable?
    • By deploying India’s creative spirit of engineers and doctors.
    • Utilizing our low cost manufacturing environment.
    • Exploiting innovative revolutionary technologies like:
      • 3D printing of composite materials.
      • Wi-Fi based reverse engineering to remotely get patient data.
      • 3D Printing of the socket to precisely fit the patient stump.
  • What’s the proof?  Our results achieved to date.